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I met with Jason in November, when he took great care to understand the kind of person that I am, and what my objectives were. He then took 2 weeks to prepare a marathon training programme for me. At the time, I thought this was a long time but believe me, when it arrives, it is really worth the wait. It is clear that Jason puts a huge amount of effort into devising your programme.  It really is bespoke and every bit of it is written so as to keep me interested and motivated.
Once a fortnight, I send my polar training programmes to Jason, who then gives me feedback. I choose to do this by email but he would happily communicate by phone. The good thing is that he communicates with you the way you want, not how it suits him. This is just another example of how he ensures that the way he trains you is truly personal.
I have met up with Jason since at the beginning of a couple of races that we have both run. He gives good motivational tips at the right time, which have really helped me while on the run.
The programme has been entirely realistic and I have managed to stick to it, despite working in a very pressurised job with long hours. The programme is flexible and I am really making strides (excuse the pun) towards my goal finish time. For example, in 4 months, I have knocked 7 minutes off my half marathon personal best. When training on my own, I had only managed to knock 3 minutes off in the same period.  

In short, training with Jason is a truly personal and rewarding experience. I have had other personal trainers in the past, but none have been as good or thorough and professional as Jason. I can't recommend him highly enough and consider him to be a crucial part of my training.  
Alison Rivers
Real Estate Litigation Team